Winter 2010

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Once again we set up our farm display at the PA Farm Show Complex. We proudly exhibited our Award Winning Herdsires and offered special breeding discounts. Assisting us this year were friends and co-owners.
It's amazing the amount of interest and questions asked about Alpacas during the week.


MaPACA has chosen our 4X Champion, Buckskin, as the 2nd place breeding prize in their Jubilee Pre-Show Raffle. Buckskin won the Reserve Championship and Blue Ribbon at the 2009 PAOBA show at over five-years of age!
Buckskin's progeny are ranging in all colors from white to true black.

mobile breedings

We continue to offer mobile breedings. Approximately 50% of our breedings during 2009 were mobile at the dam's farm. This is beginning to be more common due to not having to take the crias from the farm and less stressful for the Dam. Our herdsires don't hesitate getting loaded into the van, we open the door and they jump in. You might say they figured out the connection!


A special thanks to:
- Alpacas of Menges Mills
- Ragged Edge Ranch
- Stehman Run Alpacas

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ZU Peruvian Tanqueray Judges' Choice Best Female Huacaya / Color Champion
RA Buckskin Reserve Color Champion
ZU Peruvian Molson / Color Champion


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ZU Peruviaqueraice – Huacaya Fem

Get it right the first time

Purchasing an Alpaca is a significant investment, so, Get it Right the First Time. Invest in quality, not quantity priced Alpacas! Good business decisions bring positive returns to your investment. In the Alpaca business, one quality Alpaca is worth more than a bargain price herd of Alpacas. At some point, you will have to market what you buy! So remember, quality Alpacas predominantly return larger profits in resale and in their well-bred progeny. Like any other business - you get what you pay for!

Shearing day

We normally shear our Alpacas the 2nd week of May. Each year people ask us if it would be okay to help on shearing day. If you want to stop by and help, please send us an e-mail and once we confirm the shearing date, we will contact you.
All help is welcome!

Gift certificates

New for 2010 - we are offering gift certificates from our Alpaca Boutique. This is especially helpful for those of you who want to buy an Alpaca product for someone special and are unsure of what to purchase or what size.

Your Alpaca is shorn,
now what?

Farm Show 2010

Each spring we shear our Alpacas in May. Then comes the decision what do I do with all the fleeces?
For the first four years, I shipped our fleeces out to reputable fiber mills and had them processed into beautiful yarn. I sell the yarn in our little "boutique" to people who come to see our Alpacas and want to make something out of the yarn that came off of a certain one choices are made by color, personality, or they just happen to like that particular Alpaca.
Last year, I donated fleeces to "The Alpaca Blanket Project" I just received my beautiful Alpaca Blankets. The Alpaca Blanket Project is working with Pendleton Woolen Mills to produce high quality Alpaca blankets. Of course, they only want your very best fleeces and the staple length has to be long enough to be processed.
There are many places that will take your 2nds and lesser quality fleeces and make them into Alpaca rugs or felted products.
Of course, I do have a spinning wheel and can spin my fleece into yarn myself, but only about 1-2 blankets per year - it's very rewarding when you do.



feeding program

Our feeding program is straightforward. We feed our Alpacas Southern States grain - a custom-blend recommended by the well-known Alpaca expert, Dr. Norm Evans.
We sprinkle the grain with a fiber nutrients mix.
In addition, we purchase about 600 bales of hay from various hay farmers. We try to buy 2nd or 3rd cut orchard grass.
We have open field grazing and rotate fields monthly.
We do not feed our Alpacas pellet feed. We attended seminars with the renowned Alpaca expert, Dr. Larue Johnson, who stressed over and over the known digestive problems developed from Alpacas eating pellet feed.

Our Newest Cria ---
ZU Peruvian Goldschlager

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