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Summer/Fall 2012

Our NEW CRIAS – 2012!

Guinness front view


This year’s new crias are looking exceptional. With Goldfinger and Nova’s Avarice now producing crias along with our other champion herdsires, our breeding program has expanded.  Three of Avarice crias entered in 3 shows produced a Color Championship, four Blue Ribbons, and two Second Place Ribbons.  Goldfinger’s first cria will be shown this November.



We are now micro-chipping our Alpacas with Bio-Thermo technology. We can scan and read each Alpaca’s temperature along with their identification number.

Lifechip alpaca temp

4H logo4-H Club Farm Tour

4-H farm visit

On June 27th we hosted the Gettysburg 4-H Youth Development Club farm tour. There were approximately 40 in attendance.  After some basic information on Alpacas, the kids had a hands-on experience.  Feedback from the 4H Counselor was very positive and we are expecting they will come visit again next year. 


ZU Peruvian Molson  It was a difficult decision, but we sold full ownership of Molson to Scenic Sky Alpacas.  Molson had won 8 Championships and more than a dozen Blue Ribbons.  Scenic Sky Alpacas entered Molson in a show in Michigan shortly after arriving at their farm where Molson added another Blue Ribbon and his 9th Color Championship to his resume.  Molson is truly first class and we miss his presence at our farm.

ZU Peruvian Goldfinger  Goldfinger’s first two crias were born and we are extremely happy with the outcome.  One is an outstanding white female with an eye-catching fleece getting positive comments by those visiting our farm.  The second cria is a male with amazing coloring not listed on the ARI color chart that ranges from a light Rose Grey to a Fawn with his neck, face and legs showing a beautiful Grey.  Adding to his total package is his attractive crimp, density and super friendly personally.


Buck fleece

The first four years, we shipped our fleeces out to a reputable fiber mills and had them processed into beautiful yarn.  I sell the yarn in our little "boutique"  to all those people who come to see our Alpacas and want to make something out of the yarn that came off a certain one … choices are made by color or they just happen to like that particular Alpaca. 

 The last three years, we have sent fleeces to The Alpaca Blanket Project. The Alpaca Blanket Project is working with Pendleton Woolen Mills to produce high quality (100%) Alpaca blankets.  Of course, they only want your very best fleeces and the staple length has to be long enough to be processed.

This year, we also joined AFNCA and sent some of our fleeces there to be processed to various items – sweaters / scarves / hats / socks / etc.


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Alpacas 101 Training Class

If you have an interest in Alpacas, we are planning to hold several small classes for people interested in getting into the Alpaca business.  The classes will be 2 to 3 hours each and cover many of the basics from haltering an alpaca to trimming toe nails with lots on hands-on experience.  The classes will require a twenty dollar deposit which will be returned to you the day of the class. Please contact debbie@alpacaholic-acres.com to sign up.


Parasite Challenges of 2012

By Dr. Heather Henry


Spring and summer of 2012 have proven to be challenging for dealing with parasites in central Pennsylvania and other areas as well.  This year it has been more important than ever to monitor our herds for signs of parasitism.  Common clinical signs include weight loss and ill-thrift despite a good appetite, lack of weight gain in young growing animals, pale mucous membranes and less commonly diarrhea.  Some of the reasons this year has been so difficult are weather related:

     1.  A very mild 2011/12 winter with an early spring

2.  Warm and wet spring

3.   Dry summer followed by a rainy end to August

Since there was no real winter in this part of PA, we did not experience a “knockdown” in the number of parasites, therefore we went into spring with a higher than normal number of parasites that grew exponentially.  Parasites thrive in wet warm weather like we experienced this past spring.

Other pressures include intense grazing of our pastures, lack of rotational grazing to allow pastures to rest and increasing resistance to several dewormers.  It has become crucial to return to the “basics” and monitor young animals on a regular basis by weighing them, putting our hands on them to do routine body condition scoring and observing mucous membranes (FAMANCHA scoring).

One of the most troubling parasites this season has been Haemonchus contortus, a blood sucking parasite that causes severe anemia and often culminates in death.  In the past, this parasite would only seem to give us trouble in very wet years.  However, haemonchus has become increasingly worse over the past two to three years independent of the weather conditions.

Finally, we must remember that it is “normal” to have the occasional alpaca succumb to parasites.  These are usually the animals with the weakest immune systems or the smallest, young animals. 

The purpose of this article is to share my experiences here in Central PA and to hopefully stimulate a conversation with your Veterinarian regarding ways to implement a “Parasite Control Program” that works for your herd of alpacas.  I never thought I would wish for a bitter cold winter but this year I do!


National Alpaca Farm Days

September 29 – 30, 2012

We will be opening our farm for visits on September 29th and 30th for National Alpaca Farm Days. We welcome the public to experience up close and personal time with our Alpacas.  Please bring your friends – kids - camera and enjoy the day! We will be open from 11: 00 AM to 5:00PM both days, including our store. You don’t know what you’re missing until you wear a pair of Alpaca socks!

Please stop by to visit our Alpacas and see our new crias (babies).

Come feel for yourself the value of their fleece!

Don't forget to bring your camera!



"Small Farm Producing Champion Results."

Our herdsires have won over 15 Championships and 30 Blue Ribbons. Just as impressive, their offspring are proving themselves by winning championships.

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